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UK Deed Poll

Deed Poll allows you to change any part of your name and for any reason. Maybe you want to go back to using your maiden name after a divorce? Maybe you want to change your children's last name? Or maybe you just donĀ“t like that name your parents gave you. Whatever the reason you can change your name to almost anything you like 100% Legally. Your new name will appear on ALL of your personal documents (Passport, Credit Cards etc.)
For a limited time only we shall be providing the UK Deed Poll service for just 60.00 Euros.

We are proud to be the ONLY company proving this service in Spain. 100% Legal, tried and tested!!!

Please Note

UK Deed Poll Service applies to British Passport Holders Only. Upon changing your name, you will forfeit your current name and adopt your new name for use by everyone. You may not change your name to escape creditors etc.
We also offer a Name Change service for Spanish Nationals of course using a different system.

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